About Cake Gallery

The Start

Pastry Gallery has started as a small family dream of Etab Al Zedjali, with the support of her husband Hussein Habib. The first Cake Gallery shop opened its doors in Al Khuwair on the 3rd of january 2010. Seeing the wonderful market response and the feedback of our customers, Cake Gallery expanded to new locations in Qurum, Ghala, Al Hail, Mawaleh and one in the North Batinah Region of Sohar

The Brand

Cake gallery offers the finest gourmet desserts and bakery items. It is an exciting gourmet bakery concept offering a wide range menu items available for everyday or extraordinary events of your life. If you need a special touch for weddings, parties, holiday gatherings, anniversaries or business events, Cake Gallery can contribute by offering mouth watering bakery delicacies to make your occasions worth remembering for.

Vision and Mission

Our philosophy is to create cakes design which stimulate our customer’s happiness. Our uniqueness lies with the creativity of our Chefs and the exclusive ingredients we use to produce any cakes to match the customer’s expectations. Our chefs have been trained exceptionally well to understand the customer needs, listening, visually understanding and executing every inch of details. We offer the finest cakes, pastries and other delectable dishes for all occasions! They look beautiful and taste great! 

The Products

Perfect for parties, celebrations and merry gatherings of all sorts, our most popular desserts for groups are the exquisite cakes– including Red Velvet, , Assorted Cheesecakes, Fruit Tarts, Chocolate Decadence, Black & White Mousse Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Carrot Cake and the list goes on. Various sizes of both round and sheet cakes are available in different variations.

The Growth

  • We do believe that a combination of customer-driven improvements, easy adaptability and intelligent investment is necessary to develop a strong foundation that can then be nurtured to build a large and more successful company over time. We always welcome the customer’s opinion us in developing the product in demand. By harvesting such opinions of our existing customers to guide us for our development, we aim to cater to our customer satisfaction while growing the brand to reach more people with the same personal service and care.
  • With a model that remains true to our customer and business philosophy, we try every day to grow more relationships and less like a commercial model.
  • Customers can get involved with our marketing mediums through reviews or rating programs that provide feedback about our services and products.
  • Social media is an easy way to perform surveys and evaluate customer feedback to determine what is lacking and what works. Easy Adaptability to a changing business environment. The same way a tree will redirect its branches if something blocks its path, we redirect our efforts and adapt our products to be flexible enough whenever is necessary to keep moving forward.
  • Everything from packaging to website layout, from content to marketing tactics we, are flexible to fit market trends and changes. Allowing us to reposition ourselves in challenging market conditions, this happen with respect to our vision and pursue our vision.